African Safari Boys Room Theme

African Safari Boys Room

If you have a child with an African Safari sparkle in their eye but you don’t know how to pull it together without using the lion merchandise from the Madagascar films, check this out. You needn’t steep into corny faux grass and plastic palm fronds to achieve the look. Any child’s room still has to have quality furniture and accessories to last a few years. Afterwards, you have better chance of recycling them to siblings, adding them to another theme or placing them elsewhere around the home.

To create this theme, think natural timbers and materials with organic forms. Natural timber floating shelves can be expensive to buy retail, however, you can also source your own from local hardware stores (Masters have a great dressed oak range) or a local timber yard or timber recycling yard where they may even cut it to size for you.

Amadillo & Co also produce colourful woven rugs imitating the grass effect, not just the plain one used here. They are actually quite soft to touch unlike the itchy grass mats from, hmm I don’t know… everywhere else.

Think creatively with toy storage trunks. This one is made from cane and made to look old worldly. You could also source vintage suitcases from local thrift stores like The Mill Markets for a well travelled appeal. They are a dime a dozen! Add a global map of the world if you like.

A four poster bed like this one would be great with an added tent canopy. You can ask to have this custom made at any curtain shop. This simple, clean lined bed can also accommodate many different themes in the future.

You can also add decorative accessories like old cameras (thrift stores), aluminium cups(as pencil holders), water flasks and binoculars (Aussie Disposals or camping stores).

Animal prints…duh. That’s a given!

African Safari, so easy, when you think outside the square.

African Safari Boys Room by creaturecomfortcreative featuring a modern table

Emerald green throw pillow

H M top
29 AUD –

The Animal Print Shop
2 375 AUD –

Modern table
965 AUD –


Wishbone chair

Zebra The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
4 260 AUD –

Lion No. 1 The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
2 375 AUD –

Flower Weave Dandelion Armadillo Co
535 AUD –

Fibreglass Deer Horns

Four-poster black

Oak Floating Shelf

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