Cafe and Bar Culture at Home

 Detroit: Astro Coffee - Kinfolk
You may have just returned from your holiday and you feel like something is just not quite right when you unpack your clothes and check the fridge for food. There’s a stagnant smell in the house, there’s no beer in the fridge and certainly no dainty little lemon cheesecakes.
You’ve guessed it! You are missing your holiday already!
You’ve been hurdled back to reality where you have the soul responsibility of making your own food and washing your own clothes. Ugh, how boring. Well, fear not! You don’t necessarily have to leave your holiday behind you. No. Why not create that same atmosphere at home, so you feel on holiday even after a stressful day at work. You know, that place you have to commute to on Monday…that’s today…oh sugar honey ice tea!
I don't like the look of the wood, but I like how it is put together. Nice pine or oak and some honey stain would be perfect.
, ref-lin: Barker Tea House, Cardiff, Wales.
How to do it ‘Cafe Style’
There are just some elements at most cafe’s that you’ll find anywhere that can re-create the essence of cafe culture. Here are the basics:
1. A Blackboard – great for daily menu’s shopping lists and family notes and inspiration quotes.
2. A cafe table and chair ensemble – pick your favourite cafe and adopt it’s furniture scheme.
3. Potted greenery- think herbs. They smell fresh and you can use them in your kitchen.
4. A coffee machine with cute coffee cups- I use a Saeco Via Venezia model. Works wonders!
5. Cool pendant lighting- create the mood for day time or night time pleasure.
6. Cushions- for long time lounging.
Paris cafe.
2014's best new outdoor bars & restaurants in Bangkok
How to do it ‘Bar Style’
Whether you want an outdoor or indoor bar, same rules kinda apply. But, let’s face it. Everyone loves to be outdoors in Summer.
1. High bar table and stool set- again, mimic your favourite place. Make sure the stool is a good height for the table.
2. An outdoor umbrella – if you lack a verandah.
3. Cool outdoor lighting – a pendant if under a verandah or hang fairy lights under the umbrella.
4. Greenery- think herbs but in robust planters, palms, olive trees or vertical garden walls.
5. Screens – to hide away close neighbours.
6. Fire pit (optional) – marshmallows and hot chocolate fore the kids whilst you and your partner sip wine and munch Brie with crackers.
7. Glasses- a nice set of wine and/or beer glasses and maybe a tapas platter to go with it.
Just make sure that if you are buying outdoor furniture and cushions that they are suited for outdoors.
Sit back, play some Moby or Cafe Del Mar and enjoy…that’s all that’s left to do really.
A watermelon mint martini on the rooftop...yes please! #rethink_hotels
The living wall at the Red Hummingbird Bar at Sky City Casino. A scene in Sweet Seduction Sabotage.
Where can I find some cafe and bar furniture, you ask?
Here is some inspiration to get you started.
Cafe and Bar Culture at Home


Gray bedding

Outdoor table

Patio umbrella

Home decor

Small item storage

Dining table

35x35x46 Dark Grey

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