Taubman’s New Galaxy Colour Range – You’ve gotta see this! Plus, A Free Colour Tool!

Galaxy Taubmans

Taubman’s just brought out a new colour range called “Galaxy” and that’s exactly the experience you get when you click on this link here.

Taubman’s have developed a new way of finding a colour in their new range that is completely opposite to the standard online colour atlas. The colour, kind of finds you…it’s really cool and totally out of this world.

Have you clicked the link yet? Here it is again here. Go do it now, then come back and finish reading this post, it’s really fun!

FREE Colour Tool
Colour change under lighting

Whilst I was surfing their website, I also found a neat tool if you have trouble with picking colours that turn out different when you get home. The tool, under the tab “Colour” click on “Colour Lighting Effect”, shows what your chosen colour could look like under certain conditions such as, an overcast day, halogen vs LED lights, sunset/sunrise, midday or an overcast day. This is absolutely brilliant for DIYers!

Here is the link directly to the colour tool.

Below, check out Taubman’s video about the inspiration for this new range from today’s “creatives”. You might see something or someone you recognise…no, not me.

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