Blue Colour Schemes – Are they calming or sickening?

How to Decorate with Blue

Blue is renowned as the colour of calm but some can find it too clinical and cold. Widely used in waiting rooms, hospitals and doctor’s offices, blue colour schemes can make us feel soothed and relaxed when we are sick or hurt.
It also reduces eyes fatigue, that’s why it is common for computer software. But a shade too light at home may make you feel uneasy. Why? Because you are used to seeing that colour when visiting the doctor!

If you feel a little ‘off’ after you have painted your entire room a pale blue, go darker. It’s an uncanny colour that you’ve sub-consciously linked to feeling sick.

 We see blue reflected in our lives daily. It’s in our rear view mirror when we are driving to work. It’s through the window pane when we are day dreaming of being somewhere else. It’s reflected in our sunglasses. It’s the sky…. Derr! Absolutely unmissable.
I have an intimate relationship with the colour blue. A rich navy blue to be exact. In fact, most of my wardrobe is navy blue and I feel more comfortable if I am wearing at least something of this colour and shade. I have a pair of black jeans but they rarely make it through the day without a change…back to blue.
How to use blue 
Blues are great for light and airy coastal themes, teamed with sandy colours, sisal rugs and whitewashed furniture. However, darker blues can be very elegant when used in a monochromatic scheme, as a feature piece or daintily spread across the scheme.
Hamptons/Coastal : Any shade of blue teamed with whites, beige, grey and natural colours (timber, sisal, earth)
Hollywood Regency: Dark Navy or Cobalt blue with silver or brass accessories, geometric patterns, offset with white or grey, charcoal. Touch of a bold accent colour like green or coral.
Country: Floral blues or ticking (stripes), toile de jouy prints with loose slipcover sofa’s, hydrangeas and lavender, reclaimed timber, hessian, and with accent colours of light pink and creamy yellows.
Industrial: Any bold blue shade alongside black, tan, rusty oranges and reds, iron, and reclaimed timber.
What’s hot right now?
Blue kitchen cabinets are trending in the U.S. teamed with either brushed stainless steel or brass (gold looking) or copper tapware.
Check out some blue inspiration below.
Blue Colour Schemes

blue colour schemes

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