BIGGER than Cake Batter! And I turn one…again!

Happy Birthday!

I didn’t buy any cake, but today marks the one year anniversary for launching the Creature Comforts Creative design blog! I seriously cannot believe how much I have written and how fast time has flown. I have learned a lot about writing and blogging this year and it’s safe to say, my style and voice has continued to develop. That’s the most exciting part, looking back at old posts and seeing how far I have come. Is that corny?

I’m glad to have found such a brilliant audience because I’m just so crazy about design that I need to share it with somebody and that somebody, well…is you.

So, thank you. For being here with me.

I just recently launched an art print shop, Round The World Prints, which is where I can be super creative and unleash some awesomeness ‘on the side’. But, that is not a means to an end, just the start of a beginning.

My real passion is interior design and all that is yet to come will come at last and when it is least expected. That’s right, I’m organising another launch and you are the first to know! I’d love to say I’m happy with writing and I’m happy creating artwork but that would be a lie. Because, I am just a bustling with bubbles and I am about to explode.

The next launch will be BIGGER THAN CAKE BATTER when you are licking it off the back of a wooden spoon!

A date? I don’t know, maybe 29.08.2015? Will I be ready? Will everything be in it’s place? Well,  I’ll see you on the 29th and we shall both see what happens…

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