The Blocktagon Touchscreen Splashback – Kitchen Reveals – Kingi And Caro!


The Blocktagon Touchscreen Splashback

Okay, so I haven’t been writing about The Block this season because I haven’t really been impressed with anything they have been designing. However, the smart touch screen interface splashback caught my attention!

Kingi and Caro delivered a beautiful contemporary, slightly industrial kitchen with matt black cabinetry and hardware, a white snow stone benchtop with a contrasting island in a polished grey render and appliances galore. But being able to search the internet, watch youtube etc through your kitchen splashback, completely takes the cake!

Being the only couple who have maintained a very successful budget, they have spent some of their surplus on a host of fancy kitchen appliances like “cool draws” and extra bar fridges.

Where can you get yourself a touchscreen splashback device? From Customgadz. You’re welcome!

So, do you want an interactive splashback? What would you do with it? (1)

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