Horses – Gaining TREND Momentum and where To Find Horse Artwork

Trevor Mein Yering Collection at Otomys
Trevor Mein Yering Collection at Otomys

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the strong demure of a horse in interiors is gaining popularity. Thanks recently to a question on the blog for the supplier of the framed horse artwork used by Deanne and Darren Jolly on The Block. This artwork is by Trevor Mein who has a number of great collections sold through Otomys. They are fabulous, expect to spend around $3k framed. Urban Couture also have some black and white horse prints and check out  this one from The Block, starting from $149. So, definately hunt around as there are many different artworks popping up promoting different angles. You can always save a buck or two, pack a picnic, drive out to the country and take your own pictures!

Horse Print – The Block 2015 $149

For something a little more weird, check out these bookends from The Block. Used by Suzi and Vonni in the cafe challenge 2015. I’ve seen rocking horses hit the Christmas decor section too so, I think they’ll be here for the season and maybe into the next.

Ceramic Horse Book Ends

This beautiful “Wild Horses” print from Zanui comes in A2 size which will instantly create the Wow factor where ever it is placed.

horse art

And this one, Wild At Heart, oh just stunning!

horse art wild



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