Outdoor Dining – Choose The Right Size Dining Setting Every Time!


One of the biggest problems I hear when buying a new outdoor dining setting is, “How do I choose the right size?”.

The first question you need to answer is: How many people will use the setting on a daily basis? (that’s you and your immediate family living in your home) and then secondly, how many extra people do you need to accommodate during those awesome parties you throw?

Outdoor Dining Scenario 1

You have 4 people in your family but you love to entertain an extra 4-6 regularly. In this case, you’d be better off buying an 8 seater or even considering a 6 seater than converts to 8-10.

Outdoor Dining Scenario 2

You have 6 people in your family but you love to entertain 4-6 regularly. In this case, you’d be wise to choose a 10 seater to start with or consider a 8 seater that converts to 12.

Need More?

You may find that you need to accommodate many more guests than this and that’s where you need to get creative.

Having two separate dining settings means your guests have more choice over who they sit with and it may drive more life into the party by creating a smorgasbord of conversation.

This could mean buying a nice fold away trestle table; and having two separate settings, bringing your indoor dining table out; if it matches and is suitable, or creating secondary seating situated close to the dining table; like outdoor sofas, coffee tables and bar settings.





Consider The Little Folk

Outdoor Kids Table and Bench Set

Generally, you will find that younger children need to be supervised and want to stay close to their parents; so it’s a good idea to have on hand a smaller dining setting just for them. Think about sturdy, structured settings with shade umbrellas so they can sit safely and eat.

Teenagers, however, want their own space. They really aren’t interested in Auntie Maggie’s investment property or how well little Johnny can spell. So, give them some room to spread out. Think about outdoor bean bags and movable stools and tables and let them move them where they want them.

Just remember: if you are buying separate tables and chairs; the wider/bulkier the chair, the less people you can seat comfortably!

Table setting size guide in millimetres
Table setting size guide in millimetres


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