Trendy Storage Ideas – Save hundreds At The Right Place!

Retail giant Kmart have just released their new catalogue and apart from a foray affordable and on-trend products, they have certainly upped their credibility with trendy storage ideas too.

Believe me when I say,

“Cheap, doesn’t necessarily mean nasty and a glass jar is still a glass jar- no matter the price tag”

What do I mean by that? I mean, before you jump into buying $1000 of Tupperware or run into West Elm to buy $500 of blackboard jars, check your back pocket and compare apples with apples. Why would you buy a glass canister at House for $12.00 when you can buy more of the same product for $2 at Kmart? Sometimes, those little mundane items that you need to store basic stuff into doesn’t need to cost more than what you are actually storing in it! So be smart, shop savvy and look around for those trendy storage ideas that are filtering through the expensive stores down to the ‘cheap’ ones.

Flour, Sugar, Cereal : One of the biggest successes I have had with storage for those mundane items is in the pantry are glass canisters and jars. I actually recycled a lot of Moccona coffee jars from my office coffee collection instead of throwing them out. Now they are filled with all kinds of pantry items and they were free! It certainly beats using pegs to keep items fresh and sealed. Kmart have a large collection of a canisters and jars with different sizes and lids for crazy cheap prices. You would be mad not to stock up here! You can even use some with the removable lids as vases and utensil holders.

Hiding Condiments : I am also a fan of ceramic canisters for hiding condiments at the dining table. I haven’t been bothered yet to buy a nice salt and pepper shaker, so I hide my uncool shakers in a pretty canister. You can use this trick to hide anything else on your kitchen bench like oil, herbs, utensils, cloths and paper towel.

Office What-Nots: Boxes and baskets are a clear major cash item if you shop at the wrong place. Some stores offer wire baskets for $29 each and then there’s Kmart, starting at $5.00. Same basket, majorly different price tag! You could use wire baskets for the office, bookcase or sock draw for easy sorting. For cane baskets, Freedom has the best quality and assortment but watch your wallet, they can be expensive. For a cheaper alternative, scout the local vintage markets for well priced baskets.

Potatoes, Spices And Mail : A beautiful upgrade is a vintage timber blackboard storage box. These look great pretty much anywhere and though I have seen these at around $40 plus for an A4 size, Kmart is now selling 2x for $19.95! These are great for pantry storing like potatoes and onions or grouping things like spices together. They are also brilliant in bookcases for hiding away little items; magazines or bits and pieces, hallways; for bags, keys and mail and a beautiful sock draw alternative.

Soap, Lotion & Nail Brush: Looking for a soap caddy? Like a place to put hand wash, lotion etc on a bench top? A $3 bamboo box may be what you need. You can also think outside the square and see if an oven dish or bowl will do the trick. I have a nail brush in a $2 Kmart jam jar in my laundry! A ceramic oven dish or serving platter might do well as caddy.

Socks, Shoes & Belts: Collapsible boxes are the one thing I want to buy a lot of and dirt cheap but I can never find one that is good quality at the right price. I don’t really want to buy $500 of bedroom storage boxes to organise my draws. But I will settle for $8.50 for 2! Felt boxes are the new cool and Freedom has them at $29.95 but Kmart, has them at $8.50 for 2 and with a lidded option aswell. My prayers have been answered. Not only can they organise that messy underwear draw, they can also be used to store your shoes, belts and ties. They can also be great in the home office or study to hideaway a plethora of objects like scissors, rulers, staplers and glue.


Click on my interactive shopping list below of my favourites from the current Kmart catalogue. If you know someone who might like this too, please spread the love!

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