Bathroom Reno – The Hot Trends For Your Next Project

Plateau Mont-Royal: un triplex à couper le souffle:

Need some help with your bathroom reno?

It is true that some things never go out of fashion and others just just skip a few decades and then renew. This picture sparked some inspiration in me because when I look at it, I’m not sure if it’s

industrial, contemporary, traditional or just a little bit of all three! So, in the direction of all things inspired,  if you subscribe to my blog I’ll give you for free my “Get The Look” shopping list for the above bathroom! I hope you enjoy the rest of these great resources!

Subway Tiles

This is true about subway tiles. The cute little tile with the bevelled edge, made headway in the past year, not only in beautiful white

but also in a full array of colours. Now, you can see the tile spreading into translucent glass, matt ceramic and glazed, with and without the bevel (technically a “subway tile” has the bevel).  The designs are still continuing to roll in. They are definately worth the consideration  for your next bathroom reno.

Subway type tiles can create a mood that is either traditional, contemporary, industrial or country. Click here for a great resource for tiles.


Unusual subway tile arrangement in bathroom with round mirror and pendant lights.:

If you want to use a subway tile or a tile like a subway but in a different pattern, take a look at this clever image for inspiration.

tile patterns bathroom reno aus

Fully Framed Shower Screens

Stay with me here. It is possible that shower screen manufacturers may look into creating an industrial factory window pane shower screen. Why?

Because it is going nutso overseas! You may even re-think going black on a standard (but cleanly designed) frame in Australia because I am not aware of anyone creating the window pane style here, yet.

However, I simply cannot wait for it! The standard framed shower screen is cheaper than buying a semi-frame-less shower screen and much cheaper than a fully frame-less. Did you know that semi- frame-less and frame-less do end up leaking a little? That’s because the water is not fully contained as in a fully framed screen. Do you like them? Would you consider going back to a framed screen?

Click here for the best national shower screen resource and ask them for custom designs and offline brochures.

Graphic, unique, and eye-catching, matte-black bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures are stealing our hearts. The modern appeal of the finish is a nice change from the chrome and brass pieces we’re so used to seeing.:


Some people will think, ‘you’ve got to be kidding right? What can I possibly use a tiny stool for in my bathroom?”. Well, if you have little kids who love baths…that pretty much takes the cake. A pretty little stool will do wonders for your knees. You can also use it to put little things on like your iPod when you are in the bath (safer than a caddy- who has had a near miss?),  place your toiletries on or even your glass of champagne; so it doesn’t become warm. Click here for a great resource for bathroom stools.

T.D.C | Neutral Instinct: First Birthday + Giveaway:

Clever Cabinetry

If you have the space, why not think of built-in cabinetry? You can also think about pre-made cabinets if you need to cut down costs, and let’s face it, most of us do.

These days you can buy flat-pack cabinets for bathrooms and have the counter tops finished off by a carpenter or stonemason and your plumber.

Think about what you want to store in your cupboards before buying any cabinet. Do you need appliance space? Do you need to store toys? How much make up and toiletries do you have? Will you store medicines? What about towels and laundry hampers? There are also many after-market components you can add to an existing or new cabinet to meet your storage needs.  Click here for a great resource for flat-packs.


linen closet with removable hamper for aristokraft - Google Search:


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