Choose The Right Bathroom Glass Without Scaring Your Neighbours

Choosing the right bathroom glass should be paramount when considering replacing windows during a bathroom renovation.

The wrong glass could leave you, well… a little under-dressed! It is much more expensive to change it after the window has been installed.

Here are 3 common safety glass types used in the window industry for bathrooms.

The LEAST Obscure Bathroom Glass – Cathlite

Depending on who you ask, Cathlite can be taken as an old style glass. Although, the same can be said about Satinlite.  Cathlite has a wavy pattern akin to watching the rain run down the window pane. It is the least obscure and emits 90% of available light. This means that if you are up close or taking a night-time shower, you will see a great deal of body outline. With that in mind, don’t use it for bathroom windows that are close to neighbour borders or that open up onto pergola’s or the backyard cricket pitch. (Unless you like showing off what you’ve got!)



The MOST Obscure Bathroom Glass – Satinlite

This glass looks like a pattern of straight vertical lines. The glass is a toughened safety glass, meaning it will shatter into safe pieces instead of shards if compromised, like the Cathlite.

It is the most obscure patterned privacy glass and is perfect for bathrooms. The longer the distance a person is from the window, the more obscure you will be. So, if you have a bath against

the same wall as your window, this glass will be great.




The BEST Obscure Bathroom Glass – White Translucent Laminate (VLam Translucent)

White Trans Lam (as it’s commonly known by the cool kids) is the BEST, hands down, TOTALLY obscure (and prettiest) bathroom glass on the market.

It is totally obscure and has a white hue which can defuse hard light if your bathroom window is hit directly by the sun. Because of this, it transmits 68% of available light.

It has a soft frosted appearance and it smooth to the touch. It is a laminated glass where two pieces of thin glass are joined together with a PVB layer (sticky resin to create a safety glass).

This glass is perfect for bathrooms and ensuites that face the street, are very close to neighbour’s borders or that face into your backyard. No matter, day or night, no one is going to see your bits!

There is a Soft White version, which is like half strength but it is not recommended for bathroom windows.


Aluminium entrance door to unit block - completed by the team at Central Glass and Aluminium 2013 - glazed in white translucent laminate:
White Trans Lam (Vlam Translucent)


Double Glazing

Want obscure glazing but you won’t compromise on thermal efficiency? You don’t have to! If you are installing a double glazed window, you can order it with one pane clear toughened, and one pane obscure. Of course, you get the added bonus of reducing sound transmission and thermal heat loss/gain.


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