Luxurious Towels – Are They Really A Decorating Necessity?

Are you like me and you tend to wear towels out for way past their friendliness date? Do you wait for a ‘towel sale’ because you wish to buy the fluffiest towel but get annoyed that their sale price is still not within your budget? I feel your pain! Not only are bathroom towels much more loved when they are fluffy and lush but they make your bathroom much more attractive, to you and your guests.

Yes, luxurious towels are a decorating necessity. Buying limp towels on sale for $10 will only make you feel unloved and they will wear more easily and join the rag pile underneath the kitchen sink.

Trust me, some new towels will do wonders for you in the bathroom. If your current towels have bypassed that whole ‘wash with vinegar routine’ and have their pile and bounce, you might be ready to splurge on some good quality Egyptian cotton.

Some of us get stuck in the rut of buying towels as a basic necessity and not as a luxury.

We second guess ourselves when we see a towel that’s forty, fifty or even eight dollars with an inner voice that says, “Who do you think you are? You can spend that money on something more worthwhile!” But you see, if you spend the money on quality towels, they will last longer and feel better for longer than the $10-for-2 sale, destined to become a tea towel. Plus, you will feel better after you shower from that long, hard day at work or during those toddler spaghetti removal days-in-need.

But, be careful! Make sure that if you are buying bold colours, that they match your existing bathroom colour scheme. Nothing is worse than buying the latest pastel pink towel and trying to team it with your traditional heritage green bathroom (kitsch is not the look you probably wanted to go for).

If you have a neutral scheme bathroom, don’t be afraid to experiment with a bold colour or pattern. They can really lift the space. Alternatively, if you have a colourful bathroom, having neutral towels means the focus isn’t taken away from the rest of the room.


Adairs is having a sale at the moment and Home Republic has a gorgeous towel called ‘Flinders’. They are 650GSM Eqyptian Cotton (that’s heavy and thick) and on sale now.

Home Republic Flinders Towel Graphite Marle, grey towels, bath towelsHome Republic Flinders Towel Graphite Marle, grey towels, bath towels

They even come in 12 sumptuous colours. Click here to view them online


Some of us will always buy neutral towels for that fancy ‘Hotel feel’ and others always buy colour. Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments.In the meantime, check out some more bath towel envy finds below.


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