Flashback – The Block 2014 Kyal & Kara’s Modern Bathroom Scheme revealed!

We are getting closer to the new Block start date so I thought a flashback to an old favourite would be a nice way to kick off mid-year.
What better way to start, than with a modern bathroom by Kyal and Kara. Those hexagon tiles were a major hit at the time and were used by multiple couples during that year. Do
they still work today? The simple answer is, yes. In fact, a range of shapes have hit the shelves since 2014 and it paved the way for 3d geometric designs. Does this style have a used-by date? It really depends of which tile you choose and the colour scheme around it. Kyal and Kara’s bathroom is a dark, yet neutral, grey colour and all the other fittings are modern and sleek with simple lines. This means, it will stand the test of time. Easily 10 years but probably more, that means 2 down, 8 to go! The geometry of the tiles remains subtle because the colour of the tile and the grout is subdued. I still love the scheme. Do you?

Kyal & Kara The Block 2014 Bathroom!


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