Children’s Rooms Don’t Need To Be Childish!

That’s right! I see a tonne of images of styled  children’s rooms filled to the brim of lovey-dovey, stay-this-way-forever children’s decor.
Right now…I want to vomit. ALL-OVER-IT! The thing is, yes, those little pineapple prints and the felt garlands and even the smiley cushions are cute. However,
they just don’t last long in baby years because your little one will out grow them soon enough. I have seen styled rooms with hundreds of dollars worth (even creeping into the thousand) of little decor pieces worth $50-250 each. Six months down the track, I’m positive you will be second guessing those choices because guess what? You and your child will have outgrown them and you’ll be looking to buy more stuff to keep up with little Mr “I-Said-No!”

What is the cure? If you have already gone through this phase, there’s really no hope (Eek! Sorry!) But you can change if you are on the brink of switching to, (DUM DUM DUM) the BIG BED.

In fact, it’s probably the perfect timing. So, what should you think about?

Buy quality furniture in a decor style that could last at least 10 years

Why? Quality made furniture should last at least that! That means real timber, steel or quality upholstery etc no MDF or cheap veneer.
You can sand, repaint, reupholster and sell it to the next owner, if you choose not to keep it long term, and you will get some money back. By choosing a style

to last 10 years, I mean don’t bother getting a race car bed…

Tame down the decorations

Why? They cost a bomb and our little ones grow so quickly that continually decorating their rooms in lots of childish decor doesn’t help them expand and grow nor does it fuel their own creativity and imagination. Buy a few key items like a piece of artwork etc but focus on creating a nurturing space for their intellect instead of  copying “Mrs Robinson”.

Think about the future

Why? Make sure you buy a large enough bed for a growing teenager (a King single is a great idea) and keep in mind placement for a future study or entertainment space.


Need help pulling something together? I have packages at $350 for ENTIRE Designer room schemes. I can save you a tonne of cash off retail prices because I have access to wholesale and trade discount accounts with  a heap of suppliers. (Did someone say YAY?!) Drop me a line or check out this page here for more info.

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