Girls bedrooms can be blue…and not pink! There, I said it.

I am talking girls bedrooms of the blue variety. Don’t get me wrong, pink is a fabulous colour in many situations, but don’t feel like you have to have a pink themed bedroom just because you have a daughter!

Girls can have any range of colours in their bedroom, including blue, and still be feminine. In fact, navy blue is my favourite colour. As a culture, we tend to preach that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. I think it starts when you have a newborn and you want to avoid a faux pas like, “Wow, she looked like a little boy!” situation. Be as it may, you needn’t dress your cutie pie in head-to-toe pink, with pink accessories along with a very pink bedroom. Not only are you teaching her that she has cultural and creative limitations but it is possible that you could push her over the edge, and one day, she’ll rebel and tout a new all-black-gothic-alternative look. And it will be all your fault.

girls blue bedroom idea
girls blue bedroom idea

This scheme is directed at a little girl who might be ready for that ‘big bed’ and as the parent, you want the furniture to last many years. This scheme can actually work for many different ages just by changing up the accessories.

I have based this scheme on tonal blues, greys, naturals and white. By using different tones of blue and blue/grey through the room, I have created depth and interest in the scheme. The blue contrasts wonderfully with white bedding and the natural linen bedhead and it will also be great with metals of any kind, silver, copper, gold etc.  The natural oak bedside table offers a little bit of old charm and the grey buttoned chair is a majestic place to sit and read for anyone. The stunning clouds print in the frame is my own design and it brings together all the blues and greys in the room. (You can purchase it via the Shopping Page!)

The cloud shaped book shelf ties in with the crochet rug and before you know it, you realise now that there is a quiet theme of ‘stormy sky’ in this bedroom. And…no pink.

If you need help putting together a room like this one or want something completely different, check out my e-decorating page or contact me below for details.




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