Furniture Sourcing – Can I Find The Furniture You Are DYING To Get But Can’t Find?

Furniture Sourcing 101

Do you have that crushing feeling when you know what you want but you just can’t seem to find it?

How about when you see something on Pinterest but the links never get to where it says “Add to Cart!” or when you get there the price is like “Whoa!”

As an interior decorator, not only can I pull an entire scheme together but I can also help you with the small stuff; like finding that one chair or lamp you swooned over on vacation.

It’s true. Not only that, I may also be able to grant you a hefty discount. How? Because I have access to many wholesalers and trade discounts that are simply not available to the public.

So, I’m like your genie-in-a-bottle. WINNING!


Some brands I work with are:

Globe West

Temple and Webster

Interiors Online

La Maison


Beacon Lighting

Canvas and Sasson

Unitex Rugs

Armadillo Rugs

La Grolla


Country Trader

Designer Boys

The Family Love Tree

La De Dah Kids

Schots Home Emporium

Loft Furniture

The Rug Collection

Bayliss Rugs

Theo & Joe

Ruby Star Traders

Cafe Lighting

Uniqwa Furniture


Provincial Furniture Trader

Madras Link


And about 150 more! These are just some of the big names you may have heard of. So, before you splurge on an emotional purchase, contact me!

I even put a box below to give you a head start. xx Bestie.



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