Did Julia and Sasha CHEAT with their kitchen? Best of The Block 2016

To be honest, I haven’t been covering The Block 2016 this year because I have been under excited by the weekly reveals. Maybe, channel 9 should consider some basic training for the contestants especially when a heritage property is in the mix. I think it would have saved the first 3 reveals from being so um…horrible. Not to mention the sanity of the contestants!

The kitchens were revealed last night and I thought it would be a good idea to collate some of the reveals that now can be seen as fitting the whole story of an apartment. So this won’t cover, The Block 2016 in whole, but the best parts only; because who can be stuffed with the rest!

Will and Karlie’s Kitchen

Will and Karlie’s Kitchen


Will and Karlie’s kitchen and butler’s pantry tied in very well with the lounge and dining room which are located opposite. They chose Super Black Matt cabinetry, contrasting with Rural Oak, and bench-tops in Caesarstone Cosmopolitan White and Natural Halifax Oak, all from Freedom Kitchens. In keeping with the style of the rest of the apartment, Will and Karlie chose highlights of gold for their sink (Oliveri Spectra) and goose-neck tapware (Tansel). The splashback is a stunning 6mm toughened grey silver tone which is the perfect choice to compliment the moody scheme and all the appliances are NEFF except the integrated bottom-mount fridge – that’s a Bosch. Might I add, the fridge is a mere 287 litres which is smaller than mine and after I cook with all those 6 ovens, I’ll have nowhere to store leftovers.

Speaking of which, as a resident of inner city Melbourne, do you need 6 ovens with all those restaurants to visit? Nonetheless, it’s clean, sleek and boasts a tonne of storage and class. this kitchen was my second favourite.

Get the full supplier list here.

Will and Karlie’s Kitchen
Will and Karlie’s Kitchen -‘This is an incredible entertaining space that has about three different ways you can live in it,’ said Shaynna.
Will and Karlie’s Kitchen
Will and Karlie’s Kitchen – NEFF appliances
Will and Karlie’s Kitchen – Truffles
Will and Karlie’s Kitchen

Will and Karlie’s Dining and Living Room

Directly opposite the kitchen is the open plan dining the living room. This was my favourite but that’s no way saying I wouldn’t improve a few little things.

I love the custom industrial artwork of the ‘clock-on’ meter for the old Velvet Soap workers by Little Big Deal. It’s a brilliant image.

The dining table is a cheapy from Mitre 10 and the rattan chairs are from House Of Orange. I think the rug could be upgraded.



'I am feeling so incredibly hemmed in here,' said Neale of the furniture arrangement.
will and karlie dining
Darren thought that 'when you stand in this kitchen, you are totally in control of the whole apartment'.
will and karlie living
'Lots of brassy metallic, blues, timbers, light colours, and it really does feel very consistent,' said Darren.
will and karlie living
'It's got a story but it's not obvious,' said Shaynna referring to the picture which is of an old clock that workers used to punch on and off.
will and karlie living
'They've made the space feel half the size it is,' said Shaynna, and thought they should remove about half of what they put in.
will and karlie living



I love the palette of sandy beige, white, black and tan with just a hint of blue. It’s earthy and neutral colour base is easy to switch up during the passing seasons.

Not a fan of the TV “box” even though I am aware they were trying to save the television from heat exposure from the heater below.

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Will and Karlie’s laundry, Hallway and Powder Room

I think it’s worth to mention that I am not sure I would hang about in the foyer, with a desk and such. Maybe, this is where you can send your friends to

check their email, you know “on a big screen”? Although, the Slope leather desk chair from West Elm is rather nice. The rest is rather uninspiring.

Will and Karlie’s Hallway

I’d rather have space to hang coats and store shoes, especially for guests, so they feel welcomed when they visit. Otherwise, it collects on the most off of places…the sofa end,

the chair next to them, the kitchen bench etc.

Will and Karlie’s laundry shows what you can do with a small space. It doesn’t always have to be plain Jane and with only a little bit of extra cash.

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Will and Karlie's laundry
Will and Karlie’s Laundry
Will and Karlie’s laundry

Will and Karlie’s Powder Room

'It feels sophisticated,' said Neale.

The judges were fond of the joinery, the tiles and the basin together.


Julia and Sasha’s Kitchen

Julia and Sasha’s kitchen

Now this kitchen had everything! I mean, amazing Gaggenau appliances including a massive integrated upright fridge and freezer plus a wine fridge! This is complemented by Shaker style cabinetry in Somersby Matt White and Matt Black with Marina Isles brass tulip knobs and bar handles, all from Freedom Kitchens. The Caesarstone Statuario Maximus bench top is also used as the backsplash in the kitchen, keeping it really simple yet elegant.

Design-wise, it does remind me heavily of Deanne and Darren Jolly’s kitchen from The Block Glasshouse 2014…hmm. Maybe that’s the real reason they didn’t win because the similarities are astonishing! So did they cheat? Did they copy Dea and Darren’s style? You tell me.

Ge the suppliers list here.




Julia and Sasha’s kitchen

'It's so cool, oh my god I'm losing it,' exclaimed Darren.

'Oh get out! Serious?' said Shaynna as they discovered the button push oven door.

'This is not just an entertainers dream, this is a real, serious cooks dream,' said Neale.

'It's very strong, very contemporary, very dynamic, that's a really clever choice,' said Neale of the lights.


Who could forget the pop-up Gaggenau rangehood?!

'Julia and Sasha have really walked that line of a really simple palette with luxury touch points,' said Darren.
Julia and Sasha’s kitchen with pop-up rangehood.


Julia and Sasha’s Main Bathroom

Now this might feel a little funny or it could just work for you. I’m undecided like a jagged little pill. I’m talking about the mix of matt black with the gold

tapware/hardware. It would have looked great all black or all gold, but they opted for half and half…

However, the layout is a winner and those fish scale marble mosaics are to die for! Again, with the shaker style cabinetry, bar handles, counter-top basins and wall set taps, set this bathroom apart

from the others this year. It’s perfectly functional and well-lit but as a “Main bathroom” this kinda looks like an en suite. Who in the family is going to use the double shower apart from the parents? Maybe the guests? And no bath here?

Get the suppliers list here

Gold taps and fittings go well with the art deco theme and have a timeless glamour.

'It is a bit of a wow moment,' said Neale.

Neale was bothered by the height of the sconses though, thinking that they were too high.

'Styling wise I think the girls have really nailed it this week,' said Neale.

'Their mojo is back,' said Neale. 'Just a hint of deco and not a single thing in the room that I don't like,' he added.

However, the judges thought their execution this week was almost perfect.

That’s pretty much a rap for The Block 2016 so far. There has been about 15 reveals so far but these have been the most interesting.  Have you been following along?

I’d love to know what you think about The Block this year. Feel free to comment or jump on Facebook for Twitter. Thanks.

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