5 Easy Ways To Snap Out Of A Cold Winter

If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere, I am absolutely certain that you’ve noticed… things are getting a little cooler as we head closer to Christmas.
For some, it’s super exciting! There’s pudding testing, present shopping and work break-up parties. However, don’t be dismayed if you forget to rug up your sofa a little
amidst all the chaos. IF you still have that swanking hot “just been to Cabo” living room, that ain’t going to cut it when you are surrounded by wet boots and brandy.
Yes, that poor, dreary sofa could be lacking some warmth. Let’s fix that with 5 easy ways to snap out of a cold Winter.

1 :Layer Texture

In summer, especially where it gets really hot, we like to wear as little as possible and cool our feet on cold tiles. In winter however, we’d rather snuggle into soft, fluffy blankets with a

hot chocolate and read 50 Shades of Grey to drown our sorrows. The best way to achieve this, going from Summer to Winter, is to layer up on throw rugs, textured cushions, large area rugs and anything soft and inviting. Hang rugs on the walls to soften them and layer throws over sofa’s and armchairs for extra comfort. Think: The thicker the better, for the coldest climates.

2 : Layer colour

If you have been sticking to a lighter colour scheme over Summer, it’s time to get moody. It doesn’t mean you need to completely store all your summer cushions and go drab.

Even lighter schemes can have the added warmth we need by simply swapping out a few “lights” for “darks”.

By layering colour from light to dark, you end up creating more “depth”, which tends to envelope us a little better in the colder months. So, if you have a blue scheme, add steel grey. If you have white or a natural scheme, add russet or chocolate brown. Whatever your colour palette, simply add a few shades on the darker side and you can’t go wrong.

Add dark colours to coastal schemes to create warmth
Add dark colours to coastal schemes to change the mood

3: Maintenance

Have you had your heating serviced? This should be a yearly affair to keep you and your family safe but also to keep your heater running efficiently and economically. Top on the list for easy solutions though, is sealing drafts around windows and doors. A simple skin of silicone or gap filler could mean a huge difference to your heating bill! Secondly, if you don’t have double or triple glazed windows, the next best thing is investing in heavy, lined curtains and pelmets that completely cover windows and doors down to the floor, just for winter. Why? Because cold moves directly through glass and settles on the floor, making you cold from the knees down first. A savvy solution, is an energy efficient glass film. If you really aren’t happy with heavier curtains, you can opt for a film that blocks the cold and reflects heat back into the room and it is usually cheaper than upgrading your windows (especially for not-so-cold climates). Clever huh?

4: Create Mood

Winter is the perfect time to get those candles out and dim the lights for a warm and inviting glow. Creating mood is the most important element when decorating but it’s especially important in winter to make a cold space feel ‘warmer’ simply by choosing warm globes or lighting candles. Many modern homes have cool or natural white LED lighting installed in the ceiling but at night, this does not create a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The easiest way to achieve this is to add table lamps and floor lamps with warm globes. Do this and you will notice the difference when you are relaxing with your favourite book (even on your Kindle) after a hard days work. Warm lighting makes homes more intimate.

5: Enclose Spaces

The last thing to consider for Winter is to enclose spaces. What do I mean by this? In Summer, we have a liking to be not too close to each other. We move our furniture out a little so we aren’t on top of each other, sweating. In Winter, especially if you have large rooms, it is best to bring in the furniture a little closer or create close “arrangements”. You want to easily reach coffee tables and side tables and to point your seating towards a central focus. This helps conversation and holds the warmth from your body heat within your little arrangement for longer.


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Do you have a winter decor routine? Maybe it involves putting the umbrella stand out or baking fresh cookies and hoarding cocoa? I’d love to hear from you!