E-Design – Back In Business 2017!

Welcome back and hello 2017!  (cue music)

As you can already see, I have been silently working on re-formatting my e-design website as well as my brand across all platforms. (yeah, I’ve been busy!)

If you are a creative like me and have a website or shop, you might understand how crazy tedious this can be and how many hours you can log, doing it ALL BY YOURSELF!

So, I’ve been working behind the scenes, updating, re-updating, changing, swapping and basically going nuts NOT blogging, but diving into documents and logos and everything else.

Finally I have come up with a brand that I feel is more ME! As other designers can attest, we are continually refining our own personal style and creative practices. We are forever evolving, and, so should you.


What I Found Out About Myself

I love lots of different styles, don’t get me wrong. But, I find I am leaning more towards Industrial, Contemporary, Rustic, Farmhouse, Hamptons, Coastal, Modern and Transitional. I want to specialise in these styles because I can’t be an expert in everything and let’s face it, we are better at the things we are passionate about.

Yes, these are somewhat completely different to each other and at other times very cohesive. You could collectively group these as a “classic” style. You can check out my new Instagram feed so see what this looks like, visually. Maybe you like these same elements too and that’s how you know we will be a great team! If you are transitioning between styles or tastes and want to find out which style you like more, head on over to my style quiz to find out.


What Does 2017 Look Like For Me?

I won’t lie, I work from home alongside my toddler son. I made a choice with my husband, like many couples, that I want to be the one providing the love, support and mini-adult training for my son, until he reaches school age. My life decision about interior decoration was not because of this “mumpreneur” journey though, this is a field of interest for me since before I finished high school. I think it stems from my father, being a successful (although retired now) engineer; it must be in my blood – this love of design. The great thing about being at home is being able to study during nap times etc. So I have finished my Diploma of Interior Styling and I’m half way through a Diploma of Business and I have more accreditations lined up after that. I love to learn like a geek loves Star Wars! So, 2017 will be a mix of development, networking and drumming up business. (FYI: I may be drumming to Moby)

My husband, our son and I.

What Does It Look Like For You and I?

Part of the re-branding included opening up official services for e-design or virtual interior decorating by creating an online booking platform. My initial goal is two have 1 to 2 e-design client’s a week.

It’s really easy to book, you just select a time and date and this will be your first exploration phone call. I’ll send you a style questionnaire and we will chat about what you need. Up to this point, it’s FREE!

If you want to work with me, it’s only $75 to book an official start date which will come off your final design package fee. I tried to make it as transparent and simple as possible for those of you who don’t have all day to

talk ‘house’ and just want to have the convenience of someone else shopping for you. If you are not ready to book or just need some ideas, sign up to my blog as I will be back in blogging mode this year with awesome inspiration, secrets and guides.


What is the future of e-design or virtual interior decoration?

I myself have been ripped off at retail stores by a convincing sales buff and disappointed by a person who seems to not want to make a sale. I’ve paid too much

for a trend that didn’t last the time and I’ve bought things that don’t match my other stuff because it was bought on a whim. Like a lot of modern conveniences, interior decoration has a seamless integration online alongside groceries and clothes. Within those industries online, you can get better deals, are able to find better prices and ultimately, better and faster service. E-design is great for this reason too. I’m cutting out the middle men and going straight from wholesale to your door and with a cohesive design that looks amazing and suits your lifestyle. It’s only going to get better and bigger in the future as everyone embraces online services for their modern-day conveniences.


What’s next?

If you are a design buff or you are interested in my services, sign up to the blog or add me to Feedly so you get the latest news. Jump on social media and find me under handle creaturecomfortscreative and start a conversation. I won’t charge you for having a chat! You might be surprised how resourceful I can be. I know a lady in New York who was thankful for the beautiful tiles I found in her own neighbourhood! If you know someone who might be interested in an e-design package, share my website! Help me get the word out. Let’s be friends.


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