Amazing Christmas Decorations To Try Right Now!

I have actually already done the majority of my Christmas decoration shopping and it was flipping good! It’s no secret.

If you have been out and about lately, you will notice the horror of shoppers out there, cramming and pushing their way through the crowds.

With so many goodies this year, it’s hard not to go crazy! But don’t be that mean girl. You know the one.

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Be sure to price check the big stores against the discount stores.You will find the same trend trickles down in price for the same or similar decoration.

But with that in mind, the best stores this year for decorations (you’re welcome), are:




Bed, Bath & Table



Christmas at Freedom
Christmas at Freedom


Christmas at Myer


Australian native bunch at Freedom



If you are looking for ideas to spruce up empty corners, walls or tables, try some of these ideas:



Potted Rosemary


Small potted Christmas trees

String lights

Christmas themed prints (Try Etsy,


Snow domes

Cloche decorations


Random plates of gingerbread


Whilst you are digesting that, I collated some of the most amazing new decorations this year. Let me be honest, I really don’t get the snow covered

decorations, seeing that it is normally very hot here in Oz at Christmas. There are some really cool new Australian themed Christmas decorations that I hope you try out this year. Here is my first round up of Christmas decorations for the 2017 season. Enjoy.


Amazing Christmas Decorations You Should Try Right Now



Watch out for my next article in the Ballarat Family Guide about how to decorate with toddlers!

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