The BEST Christmas gifts for THAT trendy person! You know who…

The Best Christmas Gifts – A Quick List


There’s always that one person who you cannot seem to match a worthy gift. There’s still time! I have some

ideas that may tickle their fancy (or at least yours!).

1. Espresso Cups

Out with the old coffee or tea cup, surprise them with a cute set of espresso cups for the coffee lover! I have it on good authority that cyclists also seem like love a good brew. There are lots of trendy designs right now but I cannot get past the RELIC range at Salt & Pepper. They are a beautiful stoneware cup of duck egg blue, and a descent size.


2. Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are hard to buy any year and quality ones are even harder to hunt down. I have found a gorgeous Cyrpus wreath at Temple & Webster that can be dressed up with a bow or lights or just left as is for a beautiful Christmas entrance. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, year after year.


3. Cake stand

Seriously, you cannot have too many cake stands! Don’t you love scoping out the goodies on cake stands at your favourite cafe? Don’t bake? Fine, put your bought goodies on them

to bring home that cafe feeling. Fruit, chocolate, slice, bars, whatever, they dress up any kitchen or dining room.


4. Salad Servers

Not your ordinary server, no these are a little bit fancy! A shiny brass bamboo design from St Bart’s, I would just buy for myself. Let’s be honest. And use the big spoon to eat sorbet.


5. Serving Bowl

A beautiful salad bowl helps you eat salad, all the time. Really, if you want to improve on those New Year Resolutions, get yourself a fancy salad bowl and you’ll be turning greener

by the bowlful.


6. A Shell Sculpture

In fact, anything shell related keeps your heart and soul on the beach. Not only will it remind of your best Summer holidays, it also tunes you into the natural world.

You know, off Facebook.


7. Cool Vases

Vases are even better when they look good without dying flowers in them. Like these from Salt & Pepper, they are quite sculptural and will

look good by themselves.


8. Driftwood Christmas Tree

Okay so if you haven’t bought a tree yet, why not try this type? It’s natural, rustic and industrial plus it’s not expensive. Get this one for yourself and save yourself the tears for next year.


9. Coconut Bowl

For the lover of “Smoothie bowls” or that crazy fit and health nerd. They will go absolutely bonkers over this naturally made coconut bowl from Tropeaka. These bowls are going to be EPIC. In fact, they are starting to

pop up everywhere.


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