The Block Triple Threat Room Reveals Week 1 – Bedroom

Wow, what a whirlwind of results! A total backlash on social media for the winners of the Triple Threat, Deanne and Darren, followed by an outpouring of love and admiration for the two pairs who sadly didn’t make it through, Matt … Continued

DIY Industrial Coat Rack

After seeing some pretty sad and cheap coat racks in stores and very overpriced coat racks online, I bit the bullet and decided to create my own “Industrial Coat Rack”. I had plenty of old timber floor boards from the … Continued

The Block Triple Threat Reveals 3

What a wonderful wrap up to the elimination series! Gee, those bathrooms were ridiculously tiny and maximising the layout was paramount. Some were hits and others were misses but all in all, the results were pretty good and the Blockies are … Continued

The Block Triple Threat Room Reveals 2

The second room reveals for the elimination series scored high and were much better than the first reveals. Thank goodness for some new and fun ideas! Josh and Charlotte Design Feature: Exposed Brick Wall Josh and Charlotte continued their own … Continued

Fab Find of the week!

Summer is now in full swing and that brings about two wonderful things…babies and weddings! I couldn’t resist but delight in the cute Mr and Mrs stuff that pops up around this time. If you are getting married, this could add … Continued

Stationary for 2015- Get your affairs in order!

The best way to get your “affairs” in order is to GET YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER! Seriously though, you cannot get organised until you get some organisation happening and the best way to do this is shop for awesome home … Continued

Cafe and Bar Culture at Home

  You may have just returned from your holiday and you feel like something is just not quite right when you unpack your clothes and check the fridge for food. There’s a stagnant smell in the house, there’s no beer in the … Continued

Fab find of the week!

Canvas and leather go together like a bird and a feather and when such awesomeness acquaints to an ottoman, you know that it’s worth a look. have a range of ottomans that are industrial, rustic, masculine and just plain … Continued

Summer cushion styling

Whether you have a holiday planned or you are staying at home this Summer, it helps to bring that gorgeous sunshine vibe into the home with an easy update to your sofa cushions. Here are four examples to get your … Continued

My simple Christmas coffee table display

Gosh! Christmas is next week! Presents, eggnog, pudding, cream, early morning starts, more pudding, driving, hugging uh, so much to do! Have you finished your shopping yet? With all the craziness of getting those last minute gifts, I thought I would … Continued

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