This style is bold and fun and very energetic! It reminds me of the Pop Art movement of the 50’s whilst being a contemporary take on the modern furniture that followed suit, but without being a cliche.


Striking lines and bold, clean-cut materials using glamorous finishes are exuberant in this style. Creating a black backdrop is the key to defining the bright mixes of gold, yellow, pink, orange and purple. Therefore, if the walls are not black, dousing dark lowlights in furniture, art or decor will balance and earth the ecstatic drama of the circus.

This is a very art driven scheme and works well with highlighting a gallery of artwork or much loved furniture and eclectic items. Great for creatives of all ages.





  • Living Room Contemporary Pop
  • Durability Take care of glossy and breakable objects
  • Personality Traits Creative, Playful, Energetic, Bold, Cutting-Edge