The Block Triple Threat Room Reveals – Ensuite!

I’m a huge fan large master ensuites and not the pokey little boxes you can get with volume builders. Ugh! I have no idea why they make them sooo small and I’ve seen some shockingly small ensuites! So, I loved … Continued

The Block Triple Threat Room Reveals – Dining & Living Roomsxx

With combined living and dining rooms revealed last night, it’s no wonder we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for kitchen week! There were some interesting design features and styles put forth in the dining the living rooms … Continued

The Block Triple Threat Room Reveals – Cellar, Laundry & Powder Room!

After a long wait for an episode to air since last week, I’m sure everyone following The Block was anxious to see the results of the cellar, laundry and powder room reveals for our established blockheads. It’s interesting to note … Continued

The Block Triple Threat Reveals 3

What a wonderful wrap up to the elimination series! Gee, those bathrooms were ridiculously tiny and maximising the layout was paramount. Some were hits and others were misses but all in all, the results were pretty good and the Blockies are … Continued